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December 2009

Less is More in Banner Signs

One of the governing principles in banner design is to keep it simple. The copy should be large and of a color sufficiently contrasting so as not be overwhelmed by the background, or blend with it.

Keep it Simple

Most signs whether indoor or outdoor, large or small, work within an impossible timeframe. They have scarcely a couple of seconds to perform their task which is to grasp the interest of their audience. This calls for an attention-grabbing design which exploits fully the location, time and space it occupies. When designing a vinyl banner sign, keep it simple. The designer has to decide what is a 'must know' for the audience to fire its curiosity. It is not necessary to say absolutely everything about a product, event or service in one single design. A banner must have a lean and mean message to be effective. If it cannot be done in two short lines, then it's not meant for a banner sign.

In a good banner design the text does the work. The logo should be left to the end to leave an enduring impression in the mind of the reader. Light letters on a dark background are effective in banner signs. The light letters stand out while the background recedes. Avoid heavy copy, clever graphics and fancy fonts. These take time to grasp and are an instant turn-off. The company's name and website is important but the address is not. Like we said - less is more in banner signs.

The Importance of Color

Color is important to signs, and color speaks in nuances that subtly solicit the minds of consumers. Consistency in color is vital to brand image. When repeated in a product signage, it strengthens the brand image. Colors work the same way as a good catch line or heading. Colors can embed themselves in a customer's psyche where he or she associates a particular color or color combination with a certain company, product or event. Color, if used carefully, can be a powerful tool. Most major companies have established their own branding color.

Sign my Signs also offers a wide range of print services and promotional products. This company is driven by firm principles of reliability and customer satisfaction. It can be contacted by phoning 408.899.2889 or emailing info@signmysigns.com. Please visit its website at www.signmysigns.com and peruse through the testimonials of satisfied clients.

Sign my Signs, Bay Area Signage Company

Sign my Signs is a Bay Area signage company that respects the power and efficacy of good signage. It views banner signs as a powerful weapon in a client's promotional arsenal. Sign my Signs believes in designing a banner sign to leave a quick and lasting impression on an audience. Sign my Signs designs layouts for the most effective impact which is why it covers the entire spectrum of signs. Just click on www.signmysigns.com to know more of the signs it offers. The company has a team of inspired designers who work with clients to analyze the promotional challenge before it comes up with a signage answer. It offers all services in sign making including signage consultation, design layout and logo design.

Sign my Signs also offers a wide range of large format printing. This company is driven by firm principles of reliability and customer satisfaction. It can be contacted by phoning 408.899.2889 or emailing info@signmysigns.com. Please visit its website at www.signmysigns.com and peruse through the testimonials of satisfied clients.

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November 2009

Promotional Gifts and Graphics

One of the most successful means of advertising a business, product or service is through the medium of promotional gifts. Promotional gifts, whether large or small, are always appreciated and leave an enduring impact on the recipient. These could be products or merchandise, which in one way or another directs the recipient to a company name, slogan or a particular brand. Promotional gifts or products have a high success rate when compared with other forms of advertising.
A study has shown that customers respond better to a promotional gift than a coupon offering a monetary discount. For this reason the promotional gift industry is expanding by leaps and bounds.

Wide Range of Promotional Gifts

Sign my Signs is a Bay Area company of sign makers that offers a wide range of services which include printing company logos or slogans on an assortment of promotional giveaways. Promotional gifts can be inexpensive, like key chains, note pads, pens, office supplies, calendars and coffee mugs to higher end items like laptop bags and portfolio cases. Bumper stickers are another promotional freebie that obtains wide exposure. A promotional gift is a handy way to attract attention to a company name and so build brand loyalty. Promotional gifts are one of the cheapest means of creating a promotional advertising campaign. For this purpose giveaways are often ordered in bulk to avail of tiered pricing.

Sign my Signs has built up a reputation for innovative ideas and on-time deliveries. Please do read some of their many testimonials detailed at www.yelp.com. Call Sign my Signs at (408) 899-2889 for a host of ideas and suggestions, or visit www.signmysigns.com & www.signmakersbayarea.com.

High Visibility and Low Cost Banners

Another high-visibility, low-cost means of advertising is the use of banners, removable graphics, A-frames and posters. Retractable banners, for example, are eye-catching, cheap and easy to use. They are easily transportable, can be erected in a minute and reused on several occasions. Retractable banners are particularly useful at trade shows, retail displays, shopping malls, airports, presentations, press conferences and any location which calls for a portable banner display.Retail banner stands are portable, but are heavier and ideally suited to areas like a retail location that caters to heavy traffic. Retail banner stands are built with a heavier base to make them sturdier.

Other types of banner stands are spring-back banner stands, telescopic banner stands, X and L banner stands. These types lack the retraction mechanism and have to be manually erected.

Wall and Window Graphics

Wall and window graphics are easily removable and can comfortably be relocated. Posters and wall graphics are preferred by retailers, stores and shopping malls which have to promote fresh products frequently. The promotional matter must be replaced often; hence the original graphic must be removed quickly, easily and above all, without damage to walls or where they are attached. Adhesive wall graphics made of thin self-adhesive vinyl are another popular option. These are easy to affix – just peel and stick – are removable and leave no residual traces.


Great Gift Idea this Festive Season

A great gift this holiday season is family portraits. Sign my Signs has come up with an innovative and unusual way of printing portraits on canvas. Such portraits are easily packaged for sending to friends and relatives, are strikingly different, and are easy to mount.

Sign my Signs is a sign making company that serves the San Jose Area with a host of versatile ideas in signage. The company undertakes signage consultation and logo design, and translates the client's thoughts and concepts into effective promotional products. An idea of its broad product range can be assessed by clicking on http://www.signmysigns.com/products.html. The company believes in innovative, cost-effective signage solutions to meet their clients' needs. It has established a well-deserved reputation for affordable products and services and on-time deliveries. Do visit the company's website at www.signmysigns.com or call at 408.899.2889.

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October 2009

Raise the bar on sales. Let Sign my Signs show you how.

Signs are one of the most effective means of communication. Signs perform a variety of functions. They could be directional, control traffic, indicate the name of an establishment or could be used as warnings. Signs are widely used in hotel lobbies, store windows, at trade shows ... almost anywhere.

Graphic signs are popular because they cut across language barriers. Signs are used extensively in the world of advertising. Our world today is dictated by signs. Signs have become an intrinsic and unnoticed part of our existence. Modern life is inconceivable without signs.

Sign my Signs is a dynamic firm of sign makers that operates out of San Jose and covers the California Bay Area. The firm designs and custom-makes the whole gamut of signage from ADA Compliant Signs to Illuminated signs. Apart from signs, Sign my Signs also does Trade Show Displays and offers a wide-range of printing services which includes brochures, stationery, business cards, posters and a host of items.

Printing is also done on mugs, pens, T-shirts and a variety of promotional give-aways. There is virtually no surface on which you cannot print.

An interesting innovation is in portraits, which can be printed on canvas, fabric, or any surface that is possible to use as a wall graphic. Portraits and landscapes on unconventional surfaces are becoming increasingly popular especially as gifts given to other members of a family or co-workers/employees.

Frames, removable graphics and wall graphics are increasingly in demand with the approach of the festive season. New goods keep coming that have to be continually advertised. Removable wall graphics are cheap, easy to put in place or remove and cause no damage to walls or the space where they are mounted.

Similarly, retractable banners, pop-up banners and posters too are inexpensive and easily replaceable and will constantly catch the attention of customers to see what's new.

Promotional products are another field in which Sign my Signs excels. Promotional products are only restricted by the client's imagination. They can range from expensive corporate gifts to simple folders with a company's logo inscribed that are freely distributed at symposiums but which create a lasting impression on the recipients.

Or they could be small corporate logo-imprinted items like key holders, mugs, pens or even T-shirts as giveaways at trade shows. Such thoughtful little gifts received fetch enormous returns in terms of goodwill.

Sign my Signs is crammed with ideas for such items. They know what's best for a particular occasion, venue or product. Sign my Signs has built up a reputation for innovative ideas and on-time deliveries.

Please do read some of their many testimonials detailed at http://www.yelp.com/biz/sign-my-signs-san-jose. With the busy Christmas season round the corner, many in the San Jose area would be thinking of sales and exposure of new goods. Call Sign my Signs at (408) 899-2889 for a host of ideas and suggestions, or visit their website www.signmysigns.com. It will be your one-stop window to a bumper season. Check out some of the best items at http://www.logosdirect.com/signmysigns/ 

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September 2009
Signage; the Essence of Outdoor Advertising

Every individual is faced with a mind-blowing array of outdoor signs every day. In fact they are so prolific that their significance is often taken for granted. However, outdoor signs have an overwhelming impact as a medium of advertising. So why are outdoor signs so important?

Signs are a silent and effective form of communication. They are visual graphics that perform a specific function. They are intended to convey a message or piece of information. For example, a sign outside a store front might be intended only to indicate the presence of the establishment. In this case it performs a specific location function. But another sign outside the store front can also be poised to grab the attention of a reader with a compelling message, as in the case of a clearance sale. In both cases the sign is a form of communication to advertise.

The more striking the sign, the more likely it is to impact and embed itself in the reader's psyche. A reader's eyes skim over a lackluster sign without creating or leaving any impression at all. Whereas one that is attractively presented and striking catches the eye of the reader, leaving an enduring impression.

Hence it pays to consider the true purpose of the sign, what its real objective is and whom it is trying to reach out to and influence. An effective sign is the first small step on the ladder to creating a good image of a brand or business.

Let's briefly explore some of the commonly used signs that are the bedrock of these powerful store fronts and business park mediums.

• Light Boxes at retail locations afford a commanding platform to showcase products or services with lighted displays.

• Monument Signs are useful not only as directional indicators but also leave a memorable impression.

• Sign Cabinets come in a huge range of varieties that can be illuminated or non-illuminated. Sign cabinets are useful to promote any product or service with excellent outdoor performance.

• Channel Letters are three-dimensional, individually cut letters or figures that can be affixed to a structure and are very effective in business parks.

• Banner Signs are a flexible and inexpensive means of advertising that convey the first impression of a business.

• Illuminated Signs are a brilliant and colorful means of transmitting any sort of message or advertising for a product either by day or by night.

These are just some of the vast variety of signage that is available to promote a product or a business. The magnitude of good signage cannot be underestimated or compromised.

This is where Sign my Signs, a group of brilliant sign makers in the California Bay Area score. Theirs is a tight-knit team of experienced professionals who have conceptualized, designed and produced some of the most eye-catching signs in the business. They have specialized in all facets of signage for maximum impact.

Visit www.signmysigns.com and www.signmakersbayarea.com for more detailed information on our services and products. You can also give us a call: (408) 899-2889 or info@signmysigns.com.

Convey Your Message ... Effectively!


August 2009

Make Success Stick to You with Magnets

When you walk out of your house each day or on your way to work, how many banners, posters, hoardings, bill boards, yard signs do you see? The answer would surely be as many as the stars in the sky. Among the various advertising media, outdoor advertising has, is and will always play a major role.

Why are Magnetic Signs Different?

Advertising is one of the biggest investments in any business. Hence every business owner would want to ensure that they stretch their investment to the maximum and utilize it to the fullest. However, every possible advertising sign has one big limitation- they are meant only for one time use and they get easily worn out. Magnetic signs however, are very different from other advertising signs. Being magnetic, they can be fixed and removed as and when required. This not only gives the business owners the option of making good usage of the sign, but it also helps to prevent wear and tear due to overuse.

Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Magnetic signs help to add a new dimension to vehicle signs. Magnetic vehicle signs are more versatile than any other signs as they can be used in different places, they can be attached and detached to the vehicles as and when required, and they are one of the most cost-effective means of advertising that you could ever find. Fliers, banners, labels, etc. are all efficient means of advertising, but magnetic vehicle signs provide you with a wider range of options than any of them. In case you are planning for promotional offers for your business or introductory offers for new products, you could introduce this to the people of different neighborhoods by making use of just one magnetic vehicle sign by attaching it to a different vehicle each day. Think of the huge number of times when you are stuck in traffic jams each day. These painful situations could be used to your advantage with magnetic vehicle signs as they would help to inform several of the others out there about the various products and services that your business offers

Visit www.signmysigns.com and www.signmakersbayarea.com for more detailed information on our services and products. You can also give us a call: (408) 899-2889 or info@signmysigns.com.

Magnetic Menu Board for Restaurants

Sign My Signs offers restaurant owners a trendy Magnetic Menu Board. The advantages are flexible layout options, a contemporary interior, easy to change display. By using Magnetic Menu boards store owners have the option of having flexibility to add items on their menu and change prices as needed without having to change the entire menu board.


Magnetic Sign Experts

Sign my Signs are high profile sign making experts in the California Bay Area. Being highly experienced in the art of sign making they know what your business needs and they could help you translate your needs into reality. Magnetic Signs are one of their many specialties and even if you are not satisfied with the standard models, they are prepared to make a custom made advertising sign for you. Get your magnetic signs made from Sign my Signs and see the difference.

Visit www.signmysigns.com and www.signmakersbayarea.com for more detailed information on our services and products. You can also give us a call: (408) 899-2889 or info@signmysigns.com.



July 2009

The Simplest Way to Attract Customers

The business world is a highly competitive one where success and failure are part of the game. While some fail miserably over and over again, some are able to see success overnight. Whatever be your situation, the most important thing in any business is the way you advertise it. It is only when you attract the attention of people who could be your potential customers that you have a bigger chance for seeing success coming your way. But then the question would be as to which is the most effective means to advertise your business. Banner signs are one of the most effective advertising signs that can provide the right amount of exposure that your products and services need. Banners have been around for ages and have been used for a variety of purposes. They inform your potential customers about your products and services and have a large number of benefits. But to be able to harness all the advantages of your banner sign and make it as cost effective as possible, you need the help of advertising experts and Sign my Signs has a group of experienced sign makers who can help you obtain maximum results from your investment.

The Benefits of Banner Signs

A banner sign is a piece of cloth or paper or any related material that bears the message of the company and hoisted high enough for the public to see. There are an enormous number of benefits associated with the use of banner signs. The biggest advantage is that they are large and due to this fact, they are easy to read and understand. There are also retractable banners and banner stands available that benefit both the advertising company as well as the public. As effective outdoor signs, they are very reasonably priced and they can be made to fit any budge. The can be placed in an arena, on the road or anywhere and they would help to promote your products and services to a wide target. They are also highly mobile and can be easily moved from one place to another. In addition to being used as just advertising signs, banner signs can also be used for the promotion of several events. Banners are normally made out of a 12 oz. material that can be used outdoor on gloss or indoors using matte. Materials can range from short term items like 8 mil poly up to a heavy 18 oz. material for heavy wind conditions. With the advancements in technology and the use of vinyl for making banners, the quality and durability of banner signs have improved by leaps and bounds. The vinyl banners that are being made today are very customer friendly and easy to use. The use of digital printing has also added another dimension to the world of advertising signs and banner signs in particular as they are easy to read and also attract the customers better.

Banner signs are also highly flexible and their ability to reproduce high quality digital pictures is an added advantage. Now with the option of customization in fray, you decide you attract your customers the way you want. So if you decide to make a big investment into advertising your products and services, banner signs are perhaps the simplest and the best way to go about it and Sign my signs can give you all the assistance you need to create the best signage.

Visit www.signmysigns.com and www.signmakersbayarea.com for more detailed information on our services and products. You can also give us a call: (408) 899-2889 or info@signmysigns.com.
The New Dimension that Vinyl Banners have Added

When it comes to advertising, many people like to ensure that they stretch every penny of their investment so that they get more than their money's worth as advertising is one of the biggest investments of any company. Due to this fact, many people choose vinyl banners as they are more reliable and they also last for a long time. Vinyl is a high quality material made of the cheapest of raw materials namely crude oil and salt. So it is not only one of the most inexpensive materials but it also has the least effect on the environment. Vinyl banners have a number of advantages that make it one of the most preferred advertising tools in the industry today. In addition to the factors such as durability, flexibility, the ability to reproduce high definition and precise versions of any image you choose, etc, there are also a number of other advantages that are associated exclusively with vinyl banner signs. Vinyl banners can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions and they can be printed with UV protective inks that protect them from being harmed by the continuous exposure to the sun's rays. Vinyl banners are also the most convenient among advertising signs as far as installation, storage and portability are concerned. They are extremely light weighted and can easily be carried from one place to another. They can also be used to make full color banners and pop up displays. All these benefits make vinyl banners more advantageous over commercial advertisements and advertising signs through other media. Getting a vinyl banner professionally made by expert sign makers is far more cost effective than any other advertising means and Sign my Signs makes it even more beneficial for you as they are specialists in the making of vinyl banners and customer satisfaction is their prime objective. So they would do anything to see you satisfied.

For more information on their exciting range of services and products, you could pay them a visit at the following link www.signmysigns.com or you could also go over in person; they would love to have you visit them.

Say it Your Own Way

The option of customizing your banner signs is the best feature in this form of advertising as you can express your message in your own special way to your customers. You are the person who knows best what your business needs and so a unique and personalized business will do wonders for your business. An advertising sign which is unique will make any human being stop and take notice. You can attract thousands of customers by the use of custom vinyl banners which will surely drive a lot of traffic to your business. There are also table top banners, flag banners, mesh banners, cloth banners, boulevard banners, etc that are available and so you can choose the right one to convey your message. Right from the message to the font and color, you could choose every single thing about your custom vinyl banner. With technologies such as digital printing flourishing, the expert sign makers at Sign my Signs can help you have your custom vinyl banner personalized the way you want it such that it attracts the passerby and as vinyl banners do not get worn out easily, the impact of your banner sign would be long lasting.

The Best at What They Do

Sign makers play a major role in shaping the success of your advertising campaign. Be it simple label and decals or large size banner signs, only an expert can help you get the best out of your advertising signs. Sign my Signs are expert advertising agents who can help you convey your message effectively to your customers. Their prime mission is customer satisfaction and so they make sure that you have a smile of satisfaction on your face every time you visit them. They prefer to differentiate themselves from their competitors in terms of higher quality, dependability and creativity. They make sure that you and your business are given the right signage that fits your budget and on time.

As professional sign makers, Sign my Signs have vinyl banners as one of their specialties. They have an exciting range of banners that include pop up displays, table top banners, flag banners, mesh banners, cloth banners, boulevard banners, full color banners, trade show banners, etc. They also help you customize your banners exactly the way you want them from the color to the font. They make sure that your message reaches your customers and this in turn drives customers to your business. If you go through the testimonials of their customers, you would know why they are considered the best sign makers in the California Bay Area. If you wish to know more about Sign my Signs and their products and services, or if you wish to make tradeshow displays or pop up displays or any other advertising signs, you could visit the following website http://www.signmysigns.com and if you are convinced with their efficiency, then go ahead and visit them personally.

Visit www.signmysigns.com and www.signmakersbayarea.com for more detailed information on our services and products. You can also give us a call: (408) 899-2889 or info@signmysigns.com.

June 2009

Let your Vehicle express your Mind

Let your vehicle depict your thoughts and the best way to do this is through graphics, stickers and other vehicle signs. Vehicle graphics are the order of the day and with it you along with your vehicle can be an icon of style and open mindedness. Your options are not limited to vehicle graphics alone but you can also go in for Vehicle Wraps, Vehicle Graphics/Lettering, Window Lettering/Decals, Magnetic Signs, etc. Sign my Signs is a fast-growing, dynamic team of highly trained sign making experts working for you 24x7 and they can help you bring your ideas to life.

Be Whacky and Cool

With window lettering/decals, you can depict a lot of things. You can slap the back of your vehicle with a witty saying or a cool phrase that would capture a lot of attention. Take for instance the saying 'Yes, this is my grandfather's road' at the back of a speeding vehicle. This would surely cause every person that the vehicle passes to turn and look and it may even bring a smile on an irritated face. If you already have in mind, what exactly you want your vehicle to depict, you can just send a copy of the artwork to Sign my Signs and they would have it done for you in the least time.
At Sign my Signs, there are a wide range of Vehicle Wraps, Vehicle Graphics/Lettering, Window Lettering/Decals and Magnetic Signs. They vary in color, size and design and from flames, dragons and blades to high resolution personalized photographs, you can decide to go in for any of the hottest vehicle decals or stickers and Sign my Signs will provide you with all you need.

Visit www.signmysigns.com and www.signmakersbayarea.com for more detailed information on our services and products. You can also give us a call: (408) 899-2889 or info@signmysigns.com.  
Advertise your World

In addition to your thoughts and style, you can also do a lot of real advertising with your vehicle and that means business. Why pay large sums to some unknown person when you can take the advertising of your own business on the road with your vehicle? You can do this with the help of vehicle magnet signs and other vehicle graphics. These vehicle magnet signs and vehicle stickers are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit different vehicles. Sign my Signs can provide you with solutions to all your needs and their experts are happy to work with you, to help you define your needs, discuss your options and find the right solutions.

For more information on their exciting range of services and products, you could pay them a visit at the following link www.signmysigns.com or you could also go over in person; they would love to have you visit them.

No Let Down on Range and Durability

One thing that you can be sure of with vehicle graphics is the enormously wide range and the high level of durability. The modern techniques that are being used today in the making of vehicle graphics and other vehicle stickers help to make them more resistant to rain, sunlight and other weather conditions. There are also reflective vehicle stickers which shine in the sunlight during the day and glow in the night and they play a major role in the prevention of accidents. Vinyl vehicle graphics are known to be the best as they last for up to ten years. They are also highly effective and being self adhesive, they are easy to install. For those sport lovers and race maniacs, there are many catchy and cool vehicle stickers and decals that can be placed on the on the hood, from front to back or window pane and these are also so smooth that it seems that the graphics on the vehicle are actually painted.

As effective advertising experts, Sign my Signs has a mission is to offer their customers excellence in signage and service, on time and on budget every time. They focus on creating the right signs for their customers' needs, rather than to make just any sign. They believe that after seeing their work, you would definitely say 'Sign my Signs'. Their vision is to be among the leading sign makers in the California Bay Area; differentiated by their high quality, creativity and dependability; and achieved through their focus on customer, supplier, employee and community relationships.

Their motto being customer satisfaction, they believe that they can design and produce any signage for anyone - Interior or Exterior, Permanent or Temporary and with an experienced team of experts, they can provide services such as Signage Consultation, Logo design and Design Layout with the intent to help their customers with signs that are right for their needs. In addition to their normal products, they also offer a wide range of print services (brochures, business cards, stationary and many others) and promotional products (pens, mugs, T-Shirts, tradeshow giveaways and lots more).

Visit www.signmysigns.com and www.signmakersbayarea.com for more detailed information on our services and products. You can also give us a call: (408) 899-2889 or info@signmysigns.com.

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